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26th February 2013

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In the early 20th century, the term “shooting brake” referred to a car used by men of wealth and leisure, large enough to carry hunting equipment. The term still applies today, yet in a different sense, as embodied by Bertone‘s stylish reinterpretation of the Aston Martin Rapide: the Rapide Jet 2+2. Adding utility to an already high-functioning car, the Bertone’s Rapide Jet 2+2 extends the existing silhouette to lend the car luxurious head, leg and storage room. The interior is adorned with two-tone black and beige leather, while under the hood rests a V12 giant with a 420 horsepower pulse. Look for the Bertone Aston Martin Rapide Jet 2+2 to premiere at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

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